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  • Pay-per-ride ticket

    Each ticket permits a one-time experience on one ride.

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    Weekdays (Mon – Fri)
    Sat – Sun , Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holiday, School Holidays

    Preview Pass

    Preview Pass allows you to have unlimited experience based on available rides.

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  • Park map is accurate as of publication date but is subject to change without prior notice as development continues.

    • Where do I purchase a ticket for Skytropolis Funland?
      You can purchase it at the Ticketing Counter or Self-Service Ticketing Kiosks. Alternatively, you can purchase the Preview Pass online at www.rwgenting.com.

    • What is pay-per-ride?
      Pay-per-ride is a single ride pass that allows you to enjoy an attraction of your choice once. Passes are available at the Ticketing Counter or Self-Service Ticketing Kiosks.

    • Where can I get a stroller or wheelchair?
      You can get a stroller or wheelchair at the Customer Service counter located at SkyAvenue, Level 1. Separate fees apply.

    • How do I get to Skytropolis Funland from Awana SkyCentral?
      Take the Awana SkyWay to SkyAvenue Station and head to First World Plaza, Level 1.

    • Can I take off my wristband?
      No. Wristbands must be worn to gain access to the attractions. Removal or tampering of the wristband will render it void.

    • Are there height restrictions for any of the rides?
      For your safety, some of the rides at Skytropolis Funland require that guests be a specific height or taller. You may refer to the ride warning sign in front of your preferred rides.

    • Are there any rides that are suitable for children?
      Yes, we have 3 different categories of rides catered to children, family and thrill-seekers.