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  • How can I be entitled to a complimentary room night stay for my birthday, or other promotions?

    The complimentary room promotions offered to Genting Rewards Card members are based on selection criteria that are automatically set by the membership system. Qualified members will be notified via SMS or E-News.

    We encourage members to flash their cards at gaming tables, slot machines, and food & beverage outlets in order to earn Genting Points, as this will allow the Management to extend the appropriate invitations to members.

    Is it possible to extend the validity of complimentary rooms, change hotel room entitlements, and/or upgrade the hotel room type?

    No. In accordance with the Genting Rewards Card membership terms and conditions, the complimentary room is not extendable or exchangeable. Kindly utilise the complimentary room within the specified period.

    What is the objective of awarding the complimentary rooms?

    Complimentary rooms are meant to reward Genting Rewards Card members in conjunction with different occasions and activities. We offer different types of entitlements to members and strongly encourage them to redeem and utilise these. All offers are updated and controlled via our membership system.

    Must I redeem the entire package if I am invited under a complimentary promotion?

    Yes. All complimentary vouchers must be redeemed at any Ikiosk prior to utilisation. You may choose not to use your complimentary vouchers on the same day. However, you need to utilise the vouchers before the expiry date stated on the vouchers.

    I’ve misplaced my complimentary voucher. Can I request for another one?

    No. In accordance with the Genting Rewards Card membership terms and conditions, we regret to inform that any complimentary voucher that is lost or stolen will not be replaced.

    What are the charges for international shows?

    The prices of our international shows vary depending on artiste and seat location. Genting Rewards Card members may enjoy discounts on selected shows and concerts.

    What if I didn’t turn up for my complimentary stay, does it have any penalty charges?

    Yes, however charges do not apply if room is cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the date of arrival. Failure to check-in will be considered as a no-show and a penalty fee will be charged.

    Hotel Penalty Fee
    Crockfords 170GP
    Genting Grand 55GP
    Highlands Hotel 45GP
    Resort Hotel 25GP
    First World Hotel 15GP
    **Effective from 01.12.2020, new no show charges for Genting Rewards members who have made a complimentary room booking but do not turn up on the day of check-in. For penalty fees charges and more information may visit https://www.rwgenting.com/Comp-Room-Terms-Conditions/

    What If I don’t have sufficient point for penalty charges? Am I still able to book my complimentary stay?

    Yes, however the room will only reserve under Non-Guaranteed and hold till 6pm. Failed to check-in your complimentary entitlement shall consider forfeited.

    What is the difference between Mini Baccarat and Baccarat?

    Mini Baccarat has fewer players, lower stakes, and a smaller table.

    Is a Genting Rewards Card (Classic) member eligible to earn Genting Points while gaming in the Gold Club?

    Yes. Please ensure that the member’s Classic Card has been activated upon recommendation by a Gold Card member or above before gaming in the Gold Club. Notify the pit boss immediately if the card is not accepted at the gaming table.

    What are Match Play Vouchers?

    Match Play Vouchers (MPV) only have value at the gaming tables when they are matched with an equivalent or greater amount of cash chips placed as a wager.

    When you win the bet, the house will pay you the amount you wagered (ie. cash chips + MPV) before retrieving the MPV which are meant for single betting only.

    Is it true that I can count the number of symbols on the slot machine reels to determine my odds?

    No. It is mathematically impossible as the random number generator determines the stops, and there are millions of combinations on a three-reel slot machine.

    Is it true that a slot machine that has not been paying is due to hit?

    No. Please remember the random number generator.

    Is it true that we can spot a winning slot machine?

    No. The only way to spot a winning slot machine is when the bells are ringing and the winnings are being paid out. Slot machines are just random number generators.

    Is it true that casinos set slot machines to pay back more on the weekends?

    No. Your odds of winning are the same regardless of day and time.

    What should I do if I have lost/forgot to bring my Genting Rewards Card?

    For lost cards, you can notify us via:
    1. Email: customercare@rwgenting.com;
    2. Membership Hotline: +(603) 6105 2028

    Alternatively, approach any of our Genting Rewards Card Centres or Guest Services counters.

    Your Genting Rewards Card will be immediately suspended to prevent unauthorised usage. You can get a replacement card later at any of our 24-hour Genting Rewards Card Centres or Guest Services counters, located at:

    Genting Highlands Resort
    Circus Palace, Genting Casino (24 hours)
    Level 2, SkyCasino (24 hours)

    If you forgot to bring your Genting Rewards Card, you may also replace it at the above-mentioned locations.

    Please note that members are subject to charges of RM15 or 3GP.

    GP: Genting Point
    RM: Ringgit Malaysia

    The Management reserves the right to cancel a membership if a member, in the Management’s sole opinion, has claimed an excessive number of lost cards.

    What are the criteria for upgrading the Genting Rewards Card?

    All upgrades from Classic onwards are based on the member’s power of play and frequency of casino activities. Members are encouraged to flash their cards at the gaming tables and slot machines in order to earn Genting Points. This will allow the Management to perform further upgrading on invitation basis.

    *The upgrading criteria above only apply to those above 21 years of age and non-Malaysian Muslims.

    How can members update their particulars?

    Members can update their details through any of the following:

    a) Genting Rewards Card Centres or Guest Services counters at the resort
    b) Membership hotline at: (603) 6105 2028
    c) Genting Rewards website at https://www.rwgenting.com/gentingrewards

    For first time logins, go to https://www.rwgenting.com/?Signin=1 to create an online membership. Please ensure that the particulars provided are in accordance with the information given upon application for your Genting Rewards Card.

    If your information matches our database, the system will generate a PIN and send it to the email address with which you registered. Once you successfully log in, you will be able to change the PIN using the “Change PIN” function.

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Log in at https://www.rwgenting.com/?Signin=1
    2. Click the "First Time Login" button to sign up.
    3. Read the instructions and fill in the required information
    4. Choose any 6 digits as your PIN
    5. After confirming all information, click the “Create PIN” button.

    Am I allowed to upgrade a Genting Rewards Card on behalf of someone else?

    No. In accordance with the Genting Rewards Card membership terms and conditions, invited members must personally approach a Genting Rewards Card Centres or Guest Services counters in order to upgrade their card.

    How can I upgrade to Classic Rewards Card status?

    All Blue Card members who are Malaysian non-Muslims and above 21 years of age are eligible for upgrade to Classic Rewards Card. Members can approach any of our Genting Rewards Centres with their Blue Card in order to upgrade to Classic status.

    I seem to be collecting Rewards Points points very slowly. How can I accumulate points faster?

    Continue presenting your card when you see “Genting Rewards Welcome” stickers or signs, and refer to the Merchant Guide leaflet or log on to www.gentingrewards.com.my for the latest updates. Please provide us with your email address and mobile number so we can keep you up to speed.

    How does the new points expiry scheme work?

    Beginning 1 June 2012, the expiration of your Genting Points and Rewards Points will be based on your birthday month. If there are no point-earning activities recorded over three years (calculated from the 28th of your birthday month), the balance of the accumulated points will automatically expire.

    If I use my points, will their validity period be extended?

    No. The validity period of your points will only be extended if there is earning of points. Using your points will not extend the validity period.

    Will all of my points expire if I do not meet these criteria?

    Yes. Any balance of accumulated points will automatically expire if you do not meet our criteria.

    Will both my accumulated Genting Points and Rewards Points expire at the same time if I do not meet the criteria for either of the points?

    Your Genting Points will only expire if there is no earning of Genting Points. It will not affect the validity period of your Rewards Points, and vice versa. Genting Points and Rewards Points are two separate entities.

    Will I be notified if my points are about to expire?

    Yes. We will notify you via SMS or eNews. To ensure we are able to contact you, we advise you to update your information at any Genting Rewards Card Centres or Guest Services counters or i-Kiosk located around the casino area. Alternatively, log on to https://www.rwgenting.com/gentingrewards.

    What is the cut-off date for me to use my use my points?

    If you have been notified of your points' impending expiry, please use your points before the 28th of your birthday month.

    Can I request a delay for my points’ expiry, or a refund for my expired points?

    No. As per management’s policy, any request for a delay or refund of points will not be entertained.

    Can I transfer my points which are about to expire to my friends and family members?

    No. All points earned are non-transferrable and non-exchangeable.

    Where can I check my points’ balance and expiry date?

    You can check the status of your points using our iKiosk machines located around the casino area. Alternatively, log on to https://www.rwgenting.com/gentingrewards.

    What is the casino dress code?

    For the general gaming area, the dress code is smart casual. Patrons are advised to be dressed appropriately and to observe the following rules:

    1. Male patrons wearing singlets are not allowed
    2. Male patrons are allowed to wear shorts at the general gaming area only
    3. Male partrons must wear shoes or sandals with ankle straps
    4. Sunglasses and hats/caps are not allowed
    5. Face masks are mandatory in the casino

    Can I enter the casino with a camera?

    No. All manner of mobile phones/pocket PCs/electronic equipment with photography devices/digital cameras are prohibited at the casino.

    Are there live broadcasts of sports events at the casino?

    Yes. There are plasma screen located throughout Genting Casino and Genting Club 360 Bar dedicated to live broadcasts of sports events as well as the latest happenings at the resort.

    Can a Silver Card member dine at the VIP Restaurant?

    Yes. Please ensure that the member's Silver Card has been activated upon recommendation by a Gold Card member or above. Sponsored Silver Card members are welcome but charges are to be settled by the guest accordingly via Genting Points or cash. The VIP Restaurant is only open to those aged 21 years and above, and non-Malaysian Muslims.

    What are the criteria for entering the Gold Club?

    1. Aged 21 years and above, and non-Malaysian Muslim;
    2. Genting Rewards Card member (Gold and above only) or sponsored by a Gold Card member;

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