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    Lobby Café & The Junction

  • All-day dining with quick service

  • Conveniently located at the First World Hotel lobby, the Lobby Cafe serves up a simple but substantial menu for those looking for a quick sit-down meal.

    Popular favourites include the Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Wantan Mee, and Curry Laksa.

    Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kandar, Curry Noodles, Mixed Rice, Roti Canai, Hainanese Set, Pastries, Cakes

    Location: Lobby Floor, First World Hotel

    Lobby Café

    Daily: 7am-7pm

    Dress Code

  • Promotions

    7am to 11am (Daily)/ 7pm to 10pm (Mon – Thu)/ 7pm to midnight (Fri – Sun)
    Come with one main course and one hot drink

    Main course food items :
    Fried Mee Hoon “Siam” / “Yong Chow” fried rice / Fried Kuey Teow / Fried Yellow Noodle / Fried instant noodle

    Two dim sum items

    • Set 1: Loh Mai Kai + Steamed Chicken Feet
    • Set 2: Char Siew Pau + Chicken Siew Mai

    Availability :11am to 10pm [Mon to Thurs] ; 11am to 12 am [Fri to Sun]

    • Chinese style mixed rice : 1 meat + 2 vegetables or 2 meats + 2 vegetables
    • Fish head curry served with two white rice & papadam + two hot drink
    • Yong tau foo with chee cheong fun + one hot drink

    Choose any breakfast set for only RM15

    • Economy Nasi Lemak with Teh Tarik or White Coffee
    • Roti Canai with Curry and Dhal, and Teh Tarik or White Coffee
    • Chicken Noodle Soup with Teh Tarik or White Coffee

    RM52 nett (with two bowls of steamed rice)

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