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  • Step 1

    Applicants are required to respond to the prompt below:

    “Submit your application by developing and submitting a 5-minute Visume (Video Resume) to showcase who you are, what you are passionate about and what drives you. Show us how all this links to the pursuit of being a Chartered Accountant. You will be assessed on your persuasiveness, logical reasoning, critical thinking, creativity, ability to articulate yourself and time management/ability to deliver under tight deadlines.”

    Submit your Visume link, resume and academic transcripts to icaew@rwgenting.com.

    Step 2

    Shortlisted candidates must complete:
    • Emotional Quality Profile (Behavioral Tendencies)
    • Learning Agility (Reasoning Analysis)

    Step 3

    Half-day Assessment Center
    • Management Interview
    • Written Assessment

    Step 4

    Successful candidates will be notified via phone or email.

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